A Birthday Poem

A poem for My Dad and Aunts

On their 282nd Birthday Together 

And now for some really good news,

which after this past year we sure could use.

Joe, Minna and Betty are 14 and four score,

Hard to believe that you’re now 94!

Although if anyone has any doubt

The Guinness Book of Records bears it out:

Oldest living triplets (mixed) lists each name

A singular/triplicate claim to fame.

Although each unique and distinct in your path, 

You share wit and wisdom (and in Joe’s case, math)

Among the talents you have in reams

A combination of innate skill and genes.

From the Rockaways with the ocean to view

Then up to the Bronx on Sedgwick Avenue

With big sister Adelaide you were the happy four

With parents, aunts and uncles to adore

Then to upper Broadway you did dwell

Till beaus came courting the kids of Dave and Belle

Harold for Addie, Milt for Bet,

Dick for Minna, how lucky could you get?

Eventually Joe and Fay did meet,

Four loving unions were now complete.

Each finding a partner to mate with for life

With love and contentment and minimum strife.

Each triplet had three kids for a total of nine,

Each was loved and adored and turned out fine.

With Addie’s 7, there were 16 cousins,

With uncles and aunts the total was dozens 

For bar mitzvahs and other celebrations

The parties had a big population.

The family continued to expand

With new generations great and grand.

Although you live in different states,

Most years you’d gather to celebrate

In person on the day of your birth.

You’re not alone, for what it’s worth

In this year being joined via Zoom,

With siblings and children each in their own room.

And without beloved spouses Dick and Fay

Or Addie & Harold to herald the day.

It’s still an occasion to celebrate

Three amazing people we think are great.

282 years in combination

Happy birthday to you, with love and adoration.

❤️ Joan

With thanks to my niece Melanie (poem) and cousin Ted and brother Eric & sister Sue (photos) for their input.


9 thoughts on “A Birthday Poem

  1. What a perfect ode to an extraordinary trio and family! I feel so lucky to have married in! Bravo, Joan! And thank you!


  2. Look what love can do…

    Happy Birthday, Joe, Minna and Betty!

    Joan- Another heartfelt post. Always enjoy a Hocky poem!


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